Friday, September 29, 2006

Brain-based Learning doesn't Include Clutter

So I admit it. I’m a “stacker.” Stacks of random pieces of paper, bills to be paid, bills that have already been paid, telechat materials, plans for new telechats, and endless “to do” lists.

In short, I often have an overly-cluttered office and a desk piled so high that my beautiful oak desktop is invisible.

But funny thing happened yesterday: I cleaned up the mess—tossed, filed, and tossed some more. And today I got twice as much work done as usual. I felt calm, organized, and focused. Great feeling. I love it!

Let’s face it. Most people’s brains, and this includes kids’ brains, do better in an uncluttered environment. Especially a brain that might be labeled ADD/ADHD.

So with the weekend here, I suggest spending some time clearing off your desk, getting the kids to clean their rooms, and just plain getting rid of clutter.

Your brain will appreciate the effort.

P.S. Watch for news about next week’s free TeleChat. It’s filled with teacher strategies and parent tips for helping kids read and read more often. I’ll be giving you a quick brain-based learning technique that’s fast, fun to do and it works. And you'll get handouts too. Teaching kids to read doesn’t have to be a struggle.

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