Friday, July 21, 2006

Brain-based Learning Doc is Finally Back

Whew, I’m finally back on the radar screen. I admit. I’ve been gone about four months! Of course, I’ve got good excuses.  

First I took time off to get a new right hip. This surgery’s amazing. I can walk! I’m no longer crippled! But the recovery from this adventure took forever along with medical complications I hadn’t predicted.

As if one adventure wasn’t enough, Eric and I stopped being city folks in Denver and moved to the mountains in Colorado—26 miles from the nearest super market. A life-long dream and we’re lovin’ it. But moving is yet another time consuming, energy-draining activity.  

I won’t bore you with the gory details of getting the computer paraphernalia hooked up and running.  But it’s exciting to know that I can live in this beautiful and peaceful remote area and still connect with all my readers.  This technology’s as amazing as hip surgery!

Not sure the doctor ordered surgery and moving so close together but hey . . .

I’ll be doing regular blog postings every couple days now along with posting the main article from my Brain Boosters for Your Kids ezine every couple of weeks.

Watch for today’s article “Quiet on a Summer Day: It's Essential for Your Sanity and Their Brain.” I’ll be posting it this afternoon.  Subscribe to the ezine and get the whole thing: Resources; “Just for Grown ups;” even the Brain Quiz, where you could win the prize.

And while I’m doing shameless self-promotion, check out the next TeleChat series: Introduction to Brain Gym.  It’s for parents, teachers and anyone who works with kids.

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