Monday, January 30, 2006

Increasing My Brain Cells Today

If you read yesteday’s blog posting, you know I’m about to embark on a new venture.  It’s called “distance learning”—well, in my case “distance teaching.”  

It’s a fabulous way for folks to learn new things without having to leave home or classroom. No need for a baby sitter. No need for a substitute teacher.

But I have to admit. I’m just a bit apprehensive. How do I teach if I can’t see the students? How do I know if they’re getting it or if they’re bored to tears?  I was on a TeleSeminar once and heard somebody snoring. Now there’s a clear sign that guy wasn’t getting it.

Oh well, for whatever uneasiness I have, I’m making my brain happy by learning how to do something new.

Yes, adults lose brain cells every day BUT we’re also constantly creating new neuronal connections if we bother to learn new things, do different activities. Check out the research about some nuns in a convent in Minnesota who lived to be over 100 years old and still had sharp minds.

Of course we expect kids to learn. To increase those neuronal connections every day.  And the more we know about how the brain learns, the better job we do with our kids.
You can find a teacher-parent-friendly explanation of how the brain works at the Science Master

Obviously, all this rambling leads me to yet one more in-your-face self promotion for my Brain Boosters TeleSeminars for parents and teachers which start tomorrow night at 7 pm Rocky Mountain time.

You’ve still got time to register at  and get CEUs if you’re a teacher. I’ll show you how to raise test scores and improve reading without struggling with your kids.

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