Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Is your child's teacher qualified?

Got so mad about who’s teaching science to my grandchildren, that I forgot to give you a tip. So here it is—just in case this strategy wasn’t obvious from the last post.  

Before enrolling your middle school or high school child in the most convenient neighborhood school with the best football team, find out the qualifications of the science and math teachers. Not qualified? Find another school.  Bottom line: a high school science teacher needs to have at least minored in their subject in college. A major is preferred. Best of all is that science teacher who actually has a Master’s degree in their subject.

Even boys who go to college on football scholarships will have to pass science and math tests.

Yesterday I posted a link to Science Master for learning about the brain. To check out other science topics, just go to http://www.sciencemaster.com/

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