Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Dancing with Brain Gym

A couple years ago I stumbled across a new Brain Gym® book called “Hands On: How to Use Brain Gym in the Classroom.” I was so impressed with its practical, fun, and effective classroom applications that I e-mailed the author, a remedial teacher in Cape Town, South Africa. Did she ever get to the United States to teach the class that accompanies the book? Would she come to Colorado?

Long story short, Isabel Cohen and I’ve become best buddies. She’s been here twice now to teach her class. And when she’s not here, we regularly e-mail back and forth, telling Brain Gym success stories, and chatting about our daily lives. It’s been such fun that traveling to South Africa to visit her is now on my wish list.

After a successful “Hands On” Brain Gym class last summer in Evergreen, she agreed to return to Colorado in January to teach Hands On. (January is summer vacation in South Africa.)

Here’s the scoop: Isabel will be teaching “Hands On” on January 28-29, 2006 at Zerger Elementary School in Westminster, CO.  There’s still room for you. So come and learn Brain Gym with Isabel. She and her co-author have invented lots of playful variations on the standard Brain Gym movements that include plenty of dancing and singing. Your students will certainly benefit from your weekend spent with Issy.  

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