Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Still Shopping for Toys

Christmas toy shopping may be over but there’s still time for last minute Hanukah shopping. Take a look at the Cogno board games for teaching science concepts to kids seven and older.  More fun, not mention more creative, than most educational board games, Cogno: The Alien Adventure Game or Deep Worlds is at the top of my list for my granddaughter Bryttany’s birthday. She’s the only grandkid who thinks science is cool.

According to Denver-based Kazoo toys, Deep Worlds “encourages strategy and critical thinking about space & science in a race through an alien ocean! Avoid ever-changing DiveZone environments, a giant whirlpool and a mysterious trench!” It’s even been reviewed by NASA scientists for accuracy.

If you can’t get to Kazoo in person and your local Borders large enough to carry games is out of Cogno games, you can still get them on-line at Growing Tree Toys or Uncles Games.  Educational Toys for Your Kids is another good source for learning toys including reading, math, and phonics.

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