Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Learning the HeartMath Tools

Just got back from Boulder Creek, California and the HeartMath Resilient Educator training. Great fun. The HeartMath center is in the Santa Cruz mountains about an hour from San Jose. Just my kind of place. Made up for getting hopelessly lost on the freeways around San Jose while trying to find the airport in the dark during rush hour. Nearly missed my flight home. (I’d been warned that signs directing one to the airport were few.)

I’ve been waiting for years for the HeartMath folks to let people like me show teachers how to use HeartMath in the classroom. Now I get to do it. Ours was the first class since the pilot last summer. Very exciting to be in on the ground floor of this program.

For those of you who don’t know about HeartMath, it’s a stress reduction program for adults and kids. And backed up by tons of research. They’ve even got a large, well-equipped lab on the property. You can check it out at www.  Looks like I’ll be offering HeartMath via teleseminars in 2006.

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