Friday, December 09, 2005

Abby's Reading Now

Every night before bed, my son Stephen and his wife Kate take turns reading stories to the kids. If there’s plenty of time, each child gets their own story. If it’s late, Andrew, the baby, gets his own story and the girls get a story together.  Picture books, stories with no pictures, new books, classic books so old that I read them as a child. The kids love it. A special time with Mommy and Daddy.  

And now Abby, the oldest, a second grader, reads to herself and well above her grade level.  Grandma’s thrilled.  So’s her teacher whose job could be on the line if Abby and the rest of boys and girls in her class don’t do well on the statewide NHEAIP test.

Seems to me that all the help-kids-read programs in the world won’t do the trick if we don’t show kids how important reading is.  If we don’t read ourselves and read to our kids, why on earth would they want to read?

That said, one of the best programs to help kids with reading is Brain Gym. You can check it out at

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