Thursday, December 08, 2005

No Bratz Hat for Kierra

Spent much of yesterday finishing my Christmas shopping. Kierra, one of the Ohio grandkids, told her Grandpa exactly what she wanted. He was sure Grandma could find it. All the granddaughters are crazy about Bratz dolls. Frankly, they’re not my favorites but who am I to argue with the girls? Well, Kierra wanted a Bratz hat and mittens to match her dolls. If such exists in Denver, I sure couldn’t find them. Shopping was a lot easier when the kids were little. You picked out what you thought was terrific versus what they have their hearts set on.

Finally gave up on the Bratz hat and mittens and got a hat and mittens at Target that I liked. Grandpa thought they were just perfect. Not that he knows any better than I do what a 9 year old wants to wear on her head when Bratz isn’t available.

Then took at look at toys at Way too much choice here. I suppose the solution is to have Kierra look at the site and tell me if there’s something else she’d like. Shopping on-line beats tromping through the mall in near zero weather!

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