Sunday, February 24, 2008

ADHD or Creative Parenting?

The creative spirit of entreprenurial parents never ceases to amaze me. Remember "Baby Einstein" when it first came out? (Not that I recommend the "Einstein" videos for babies and toddlers but that's another post.)

Lori Pope has solved the problem of keeping her infant twin sons constantly entertained. Your kids get bored with the gazillion toys they got for birthdays, Christmas, and Chanukah? Can't afford to buy more? Not sure what they might really enjoy? Now you can rent toys from Lori Pope via her company Baby Plays.

At first I thought what a clever, creative idea. It is.

But is it a good thing to give our children a continuing new supply of toys? Does this only make ever-increasing short attention spans even worse What does it teach about patience? Making one's own fun with snowmen, mud pies, pots and pans, and whatever we can find? Do kids risk growing up with an even greater dependence on store-bought external stimuli?

My first guess is that renting toys only adds to our hyperactive ADHD society? Bored? Go out doors and run around. But I haven't tested it so maybe renting toys is a great solution to finding out where a child's interest lies without spending a ton of money.

What do you think? Read the article We'd love to get your comments.

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Teachers, you'll want to watch for tomorrow's post on Project-based learning. Turns out recent research has shown that Project-based Learning can substantially raise test scores.


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