Thursday, February 21, 2008

Brain Boosters is back!

Whew, long time away. Got involved in a BIG project--challenging, fascinating, and all consuming. And nothing whatsoever to do with brain boosters or Brain Gym or brain-based-learning.

Instead I Learned a ton about distance learning and all about a great distance learning software platform called Moodle.

So, bottom line, good to be back although I had to stop and figure out how to post to the Brain Boosters blog, how to update Brain Gym web pages--how to do just about everything I used to know how to do.

And where'd my picture go while I was gone? Red x's just don't cut it.

What else is new? Well, the propane guy who came last week to fill the tank said he hasn't seen this much snow in 20 years! We've got 4 feet of the white stuff still in the back yard.

Since snow's been on our mind now for what seems like forever, I just put out the Brain Boosters ezine (after how many months??) and focused on snow. Not sure my readers in Florida will find it all that fascinating. Does include the lyrics for singing the Snowkey-Pokey and a link for directions on how to build a snow fort.

If you're interested in stuff about snow and kids and teacher math and science snow projects, you can pick up the newsletter free at

While you're there, might as well sign up so you get the next issue. Promise it won't be about snow! Probably ADHD or reading but haven't made up my mind. Also thought about writing about the importance of playing.

And back on track with the Brain Gym Basics TeleChats. The next one starts Feb. 26. Check out

Good grief. Speaking of ADHD. This blog post qualifies. I promise to stay on track tomorrow.

In the meantime, just looked at Stephen Putnam's book, "Nature's Ritalin for the Marathon Mind: Nurturing Your ADHD Child with Exercise." He thinks "marathon mind" describes those hyperactive kids that drive us all crazy. And he argues that if you get 'em outdoors and doing aerobic exercise, they'll stop being hyperactive. I couldn't agree more. I should probably take his advice myself!


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