Friday, November 17, 2006

Avoiding Books at the Bookstore

So finally back in my office and looking out at snow in our backyard and on the mountain. Looks just like a Christmas card.

What started out as a weekend with the Ohio grandkids turned into a longer trip than planned and longer away from this blog than anticipated.

Spent Tuesday in the Starbucks at the foot of Vail Pass, high in the Colorado Rockies. Since it’s hard to drive in blowing snow, the Colorado Dept. of Transportation closed the highway leaving 100 or so folks “stranded” but with plenty of lattes and cappuccinos.

Finally gave up that the highway would open during daylight so found a cozy bed and breakfast for the night and drove home the next morning under bright blue skies and sunshine.

Backing up to the trip and the grandkids, of course, it was fun. They wanted to go to the bookstore. And who would say “no” to grandkids wanting to buy books? Certainly not this grandmother!

Oops, they didn’t say “books.” They said “bookstore.” Barnes and Noble happens to sell a lot more than just books. So when we got there, all three kids wanted pop music CDs instead of books.

So much for reading!

And speaking of books and reading, be sure to check out the “Brain Boosters for Your Kids” e-book series

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