Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Your Kids’ Smarts Don’t Matter

Stephen and his kids are smart. Of course. What Mom/Grandmom in her right mind would say something like “Ya know what? My kids and grandkids are really stupid.”?

So Abby, the 3rd grader, is the top kid in her class in terms of test scores and such. She’s quite proud herself, So am I. The family went on a trip and Abby missed a week of school. Her friend was thrilled. With Abby gone, she got to be the smartest kid. 3rd graders think it’s cool to be smart.

And what about Abby’s Dad. In 5th grade, he didn’t want to be the smartest kid. After all, he was already the tallest kid. Enough already of being different. Not so cool for the average almost-in-middle-school boy to be the smartest.

Obviously, 3rd grade girls are smarter than 5th grade boys!

So Stephen goofed around a lot. Became Springfield, Oregon’s champion Mario Brothers video game player. Mastered the complicated Dungeons and Dragons game. Stalled doing homework. Got mediocre grades on the homework he did manage to finish.

Then Mr. Marachek, his very smart teacher, formed The Math Club. Stephen and other smart math-minded kids got to join and do “advanced” math. It worked. Now Stephen wasn’t "different." He was “special.”

It’s all about motivation and the emotional hooks that propel smart kids to act smart.

And that leads right into telling you about e-Book Three of my “Brain Boosters for Your Kids” series. “Why Smart Kids Fail: How you can help them shine” gives you the three brain-based learning secrets for getting your smart kids to act smart.

I've already given away two of the answers: motivation and emotional hooks.
The e-book will give you lots of ways to motivate these kids and how to find the emotional hooks. For teachers in your classrooms. For parents at home.

So today’s the big day: The launch of my three Brain boosters e-book series that will help you help your kids succeed at school.

As I mentioned, there’s a 4th book. It’s one of six bonuses for subscribing to the series before November 9. Subscribe right away and you’ll get two additional bonuses.

P.S. Nope, no testimonials about the fabulous results teachers and parents have witnessed after using the tips and techniques in the Brain Boosters e-books.

I can’t figure out how to do testimonials for something nobody’s read or used yet! You can read testimonials in December when the first e-book’s been read and the strategies proven to work.

P.P.S. But if it's testimonials you're after, check out what folks are saying about Brain Gym and the Brain Gym Basics TeleChat series. Then sign up for tomorrow night’s free “Intro to Brain Gym” Telechat.

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