Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Are Kids Driving You Crazy?

Mentioned the other day that we probably all live in an attention-deficit world. Then rambled on about myself and my to-do list.

But what about kids? Kids imitate us so, as you well know, they exhibit living in an attention deficit world too. Either they’re running around like mad, driving their teachers and parents crazy. Or they’re zoned out in front of the TV or a video game.

Then we label them ADD and give them drugs. (Most of us run around like crazy too and zone out in front of the TV but we’re way less likely to label ourselves.)

I’ve also talked about that before in the blog. Obviously, I’m obsessed with this ADD thing. So I’m sure you can guess what e-book Two in my “Brain Boosters for Your Kids” series is all about.

“They’re Driving Me Crazy: What to do about ADD without Giving Kids Drugs” includes what ADD is, how you know if you or a kid has it, the many factors that can lead to ADD-like behavior, and why it’s really a label and not a disease.

And most importantly, lots of parent and teacher tips, strategies, and resources for managing ADD—if not stopping this behavior all together.

For example, keep a schedule and set firm boundaries. Watch how much sugar kids eat. Calm down yourself.

By the way, if you’re looking for a quick way to calm down yourself and help kids, even preschoolers, settle down, then take advantage of Thursday night’s free Intro to Brain Gym TeleChat. Tell a friend, a parent, a teacher.

You’ll discover what makes Brain Gym so effective. I’ll give you two of my favorite Brain Gym activities (they’re the one’s that help you calm down), and I’ll stay on the line to answer your questions about Brain Gym . . . and ADD.

While I’m at it, might as well mention e-book Three: “Why Smart Kids Fail” since it fits with the ADD book. After all one of the reasons smart kids fail is lack of focus. And, of course, ADD is all about focus.

Now if you can’t wait for my ADD e-book, then take a look at Dr. Edward Hallowell’s books. He’s my favorite ADD expert. Although Hallowell’s an MD, he agrees that drugs aren’t always the answer.

Was going to give you a link but Hallowell’s everywhere on the Web, and I couldn’t choose the best link. Just Google “Edward Hallowell, MD.” (without the quotes).

He’s got books and articles and interviews, teaches at Harvard Medical School and runs the Hallowell Center for ADD. He even mentions Brain Gym in one of his books. (And you're wondering why he's my fave!)

Or just pick up “Driven to Distraction” by Edward Hallowell and John Ratey. I’m giving you the link for the Hallowell Store so you can browse all his stuff. Of course, you can probably get the book cheaper at Amazon. Or read his articles on line for free.

Anyway, watch the blog over the next couple days for your opportunity to get in on my pre-publication four-e-book-series-with-super-bonuses extravaganza.

I’m so excited about this that I nearly gave you a link and the page isn’t up yet!

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