Monday, October 30, 2006

Finally, Brain-based Learning Books in the Works!

So I finally did it! After years of procrastination I started writing an e-book. (By the way, procrastination’s not a brain-based learning strategy.)

Now once I get started, I don’t mess around. It’s the getting started that’s hard. So why write just one e-book when four’s more fun?

And to give myself credit, I’ve been writing bits and pieces, outlining chapters, gathering notes, clipping newspapers, downloading and printing stuff off the Web forever

You got it. I’m right in the middle of writing four e-books! Of course you’ll find tips and strategies you can use right away. And they’ll all have lots of fun workbook fill-in-the-blank pages for you. Plenty of self-quizzes and kid-quizzes.

Plus tons of resources—for parents, for teachers, and even for kids. I love e-books because you can get all those links to other resources right in the text. You sure can’t do that with bookstore books.

The first one’s called “Brain Boosters for Your Kids.” (Now there’s an obvious title.) It’s a hodge-podge of easy tips and strategies for helping kids learn faster, be happier, and stop driving you nuts. It’ll be out mid-December.

I’ll tell you about the other three books later.

I’m so excited about the Brain Boosters e-book series that I’m doing a huge pre-publication special deal where you get all four books plus a bunch of bonuses. All at half price. And in plenty of time for holiday gift giving.

More about this tomorrow. I need to get back to writing.

P.S. Brain Gym® isn't in the series. So if you want to know about Brain Gym, you’ll need to sign up for the FREE Intro to Brain Gym TeleChat , Thursday evening, Nov. 2.

Or just register for the Brain Gym Basics TeleChat Series beginning Nov. 8. (Teachers, you can get graduate-level professional development credit for this 6-hour class.)

Curious about Brain Gym in general, the research, who “invented” it? Check out the Educational Kinesiology Foundation’s Web site.

Brain Gym’s taught in 90 countries around the world. And both the "Wall Street Journal" and the CBS morning show have featured Brain Gym.

P.P.S. Busy time around my office as the Manitou Springs one-day super-cheapo Brain Gym Class happens this weekend. Don’t forget that high school and college kids can come to this class too. And for only 25 bucks.

Then next weekend Eric and I are off to Ohio to play with three of the grandkids. The other four live in New Hampshire. Too bad we can't take the time to do Ohio and New Hampshire all in one trip.

When I get back to the mountains, this blog will get a forum so you can comment, disagree with me, and ask questions.

And the blog will split itself into two: one blog for teacher/parent how-to-help-our-kids stuff and another blog just for school and education news.

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