Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lots of Snow for the Brain

So, as you probably know by now, my husband Eric and I moved high up in the Colorado Rockies last summer. No more city living for us. Wow! What a change. And yes, we're lovin' it.

We live in the "suburbs" of Marble, Colorado--Marble boasts a population of 85 folks so obviously we're not exactly crowded here in the "burbs." Marble does boast a store but it's only open in the summer.

And as you also know from the last post the first snow of the season knocked out the electricity. Then we got more snow--about a foot or so. Gorgeous. Not all that cold. Our back yard looked just like a Christmas card.

The satellite dish which provides our Interent connection also got a foot of snow. Unfortunately, the dish doesn't like snow and stopped working even though the electricity was back on. Now what? Maybe living in the Marble "burbs" at 8,000 feet isn't so much fun after all.

After much grumbling and then calling tech support types, I discover that I simply need to brush the snow off the dish. Duh! No big deal. Don't need tech support. And I'm back on the Internet in seconds.

O.K. so what does this story have to do with my aging brain?

Everytime I learn something new--even as inconsequential as brushing snow off the satellite dish--my brain makes new neuronal connections. Couple more brain cells connected and firing. In fact, my brain goes for the whole adventure of living up here in a cozy log cabin after a lifetime of city living. I'm discovering new things every day.

Now imagine what would happen to your brain if you took on a major new project . . .a new job, learning a new language, taking piano lessons when you've never played the piano, discovering how to tie flies for fly fishing. The list is endless. A healthy brain depends on this.

So it's no wonder we often think kids are smarter than we are and learn things quicker. They're in school and their business is learning new things every day.

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